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  • Know the Risks of Hepatitis
    - Poor sanitization
    - Contaminated blood
    - Unsafe tattoo, piercing
    - Not vaccinating babies
    – Unsafe injections, syringes & needles
  • Causes of Peptic Ulcer
    – Smoking
    – Drinking too much
    – Stomach cancer
    – Radiation therapy
    – Frequent use of anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Make your Tummy,Yummy!
    Make your Tummy,Yummy!
    16 out of 100 adults face Constipation
    1). Apple
    2). Spinach
    3). Pear
    4). Banana
    5). Beans
    Include fibre in your diet to make your Tummy, Happy!
    1). Mid-back pain
    2). Stomach pain
    3). Jaundice
    4). New-onset diabetes
    5). Unexplained weight loss
    6). Changes in stool
    7). Loss of appetite
    8). Indigestion
  • What does a gastroenterologist do?
    Gastroenterologists are doctors who are trained to diagnose and treat problems in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract and liver. These doctors also do routine procedures such as colonoscopies, which look at the inside of your colon. They get 5-6 years of specialized education after medical school.
  • What are the most common signs and symptoms of gastrointestinal (GI) disorders?
    General symptoms of gastrointestinal conditions Abdominal discomfort (bloating, pain or cramps) Unintentional weight loss. Vomiting and nausea. Acid reflux (heartburn) Diarrhea, constipation (or sometimes both) Fecal incontinence. Fatigue. Loss of appetite.
  • What conditions do the gastroenterologist treat?
    Gastroenterologists diagnose and treat digestive disorders including liver disease, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancers. Typically, the gastroenterologist starts by learning about your symptoms and doing an exam to find out if they can see, hear, or feel anything unusual.